Import/Export Products of the sea

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About us

Ocean Marítimo, S.L. We are a Import/Export and trading company of fishes and seafood, we work with wholesaling, Our company have born in Vigo, Galicia, the 1st of Febrery of 2000 with our offices in the street Cánovas del Castillo nº 4.


We work with the Importation of fishes and seafood, from diferent countries, to make the international selling. Always keeping, the best quality possible of our products, and, making sure the correct processing of these.

Other services

Ocean Marítimo can get any product you need, only with a simple call we will start working with your request, also, we offer that you can tell us which product you need, and with which conditions.


You can get in contact with us, as well with email, manuel@oceanmaritimo.com, with ours numbers +34 986 44 13 64 - +34 607 920 950 or, with our post adress in the street Cánovas del Castillo nº4 entresuelo de Vigo- 36202